The Stunt Guild is divided into 3 levels of membership. Each of these levels is based on members experience and applications to join the Stunt Guild or to be upgraded within the Guild may be made to the Stunt Council. New applications and upgrades are assessed in January of each year.
Prior to making an application for membership or an upgrade, an applicant must be a Resident of Ireland, familiar with the Rules of The Stunt Guild that set out the required procedures and qualifications.

To apply to join the Stunt Guild an applicant must:

  • Provide evidence of a minimum of four weeks professional experience as an actor/performer.
  • Be aged 18 years and over and evidence of age may be required.
  • Provide a medical report of their fitness to undertake stunt work.
  • Provide evidence of one or more qualifications to the required standard in each of 5 or more of the categories listed. Certificates of qualification should not normally be more than 5 years old except with evidence of current experience.
  • Provide a valid First Aid Course Certificate (St. Johns Ambulance, Red Cross, Civil Defense, HSA/HSE approved Courses)

In all cases foreign equivalents may be acceptable if verifiable or demonstrable.

  • A member of the Stunt Guild may undertake work as a featured actor. If stunt work is also involved, the Rules of the Stunt Guild and the appropriate terms and conditions for the engagement of stunt performers will apply.
  • A member of the Stunt Guild may not undertake work in film or television as a background/walk-on/extra.
  • With the prior agreement of the stunt co-ordinator, a member of the Stunt Guild may attend a shoot as an observer. Level 1 members are particularly encouraged to do so.
  • Male members of the Stunt Guild may not undertake work doubling for female actors and vice versa, unless in absolutely exceptional circumstances.
  • Stunt Co-ordinators who charge a commission or fee on performers’ income are not eligible for membership of either the Stunt Guild or the Stunt Council.
  • A Stunt Co-ordinator must always first attempt to fill a required role from members of the Stunt Guild before trying to fill the role outside the guild. In this event the Stunt Co-ordinator should register this situation with the Secretary of the Stunt Council.
  • The Stunt Council will notify all members of the Stunt Guild of any changes to these Rules immediately following endorsement of any change.
  • Members of the Stunt Guild should endeavour to keep copies of all their contracts and/or call sheets which may be useful in the future in particular for disputes, residual claims, upgrades and so on.
  • Membership of the Stunt Guild granted on the basis of inaccurate or fraudulent information will be withdrawn.
  • Members of the Stunt Guild will, when engaged as stunt performers, only take instruction through the Stunt Co-ordinator.